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सर्वसमृद्ध भारत निधि लिमिटेड

The company has been formed with primary objective of the social and financial status of its members by inculcating saving habits amongst them through the spirit of co-operation, and providing technical and financial support.

The principal function of the society is to render financial services to its members and to reach the nook and corner of the country through branch expansion where financial facilities have not reached.

“Our Vision Serves As The Framework For Our Roadmaps And Guides Every Aspect Of Our Social Activities By Describing What We Need To Accomplish In Order To Continue Achieving Sustainable, Quality Growth.”

The vision of the company is to provide the existing members a correct way to achieve all their short and long term financial goals. Apart from that, we also take care of all our members/shareholders with an aim of providing bulk advantages schemes. The company visions the adoption of the fast growing global banking systems by keeping pace with the trade & commerce, banking and ITES departments. create sustainable ecosystem of members with the concept of co-operation is the key vision we focus upon. The notion is to promote financial inclusion especially towards the under-privileged and socially excluded community by offering affordable financial services to the members and inculcate the savings habit amongst them via the principle of mutuality.

At Sarvasamraddh Bharat Nidhi Limited, funds mobilized are utilized to a great extent for advancing of Gold Loans, Mortgage Loans, Loan against Deposits and Loan against Kisan Vikas Patra. Thus, the funds are fully secured and therefore the investments with us are in very safe hands.

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